Virtual Experiences


Come together with friends,  neighbors, colleagues, and even strangers to celebrate with everyone’s favorite… delicious food!  Led by an award-winning food scientist featured in multiple international cooking shows and more!



What We Offer

Flexible Schedules

From morning to evening, weeknights to weekends, our team has the flexibility to work with your schedule for our virtual experiences.

Fresh Ingredients

Our kits include the freshest ingredients, all sourced locally from sustainable sources.  The best food starts with the best ingredients.

Fully Customizable

Have a specific request?  We are happy to tailor our experiences to your ingredient restrictions, food preferences, and more. 

Creative Chefs

Our instructors are always creating new and innovative dishes in our R&D lab based on suggestions from our valued customers.

Authentic Cuisine

Based on testing in Asia, every food dish we teach is developed using authentic family recipes passed down through generations.

Immersive Experiences

Our experiences are fully hands-on, teaching participants how to make dishes from scratch including basic kitchen and cooking techniques.


Sample Experiences