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Bringing authentic Asian cuisine into your home kitchen using premium and sustainable ingredients with a focus on making everything from scratch

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Our Story

Everything is better made from scratch

Noodz & Foodz was born from a passion for making food from the finest ingredients and from scratch.  Coming from a professional food science background with over a decade of experience in the food industry, we wanted to teach people how to cook healthy Asian foods from scratch.  Noodz & Foodz was created to give a chance for everyone to experience healthy living and cook yummy delicious food from scratch in their home kitchens.


What People are Saying

“Spicy Goodness”

Got this awesome chili oil sauce from Noodz & Foodz!  Look at that spicy goodness.  Yum!!



“It was so interactive and educational, and the dishes we created were amazingly delicious!”


“Best Dumplings”

“These were the best Chinese dumplings we’ve ever had, far better than the frozen ones from grocery stores or restaurant takeout!”


“So Unique”

Unlike other virtual cooking experiences, this was so dynamic and interactive!  I learned so much even beyond cooking!”