Special: 2021 Cornell Reunion

UPDATE: We are fully sold out! We look forward to seeing everyone at the Gyoza and Sake Soiree on Saturday!

We are excited to host the Gyoza and Sake Soiree session at the 2021 Cornell Reunion, sponsored by CAAA! This special event will be hosted by our award-winning chef and Cornell Alum Linda Lam on Saturday, June 12 at 2PM PST / 5PM EST!

We will be walking participants through making delicious gyoza (traditional Japanese dumplings) from scratch, including how to roll the dough, make the filling, wrap the dumplings, and more. Each DIY gyoza kit comes packed with extra goodies including our signature seafood miso soup, traditional Japanese tea blend, and dipping sauce samples!

Note: Our deluxe bento box kit comes with our signature seafood miso soup, custom tea blend, samples of our chili oils and dipping sauces, and ingredients to make 20-25 gyozas (other than the meat).  You will need to obtain 1/2 lb of ground chicken or pork on your own, readily available at any local grocery store.

Contact feedme@noodzandfoodz.com with any questions. Thank you from Cornell CAAA and we hope to see you at the Cornell Reunion!